Mixtape of the week – Lute, West1996

Don’t be put off by the cover. I know we’ve all seen reworkings of the illmatic sleeve before, but this is a nice mixtape and worth taking a bit of time out of your busy day for. It’s got golden era hip-hop written through it like a stick of esoteric Brighton rock and if you can’t get behind the cloud rap movement, the nasty lyrics of OFWGKTA, the me-so-sad schtick of Drake or the eurotrance inflected bollocks of the mainstream then this could be for you.

Mixtape of the week almost went to Chase and Cashe but they blew it with some unexpected Coldplay. Lute takes the title by hitting the spot with flow and beats that may be derivative but make for a very pleasing whole that could only really have dropped in ’12 despite the referencing.

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